Recent Technical Projects:

The following describe some recent technical projects carried out by ESRT for a variety of domestic and foreign customers.

Defense in Depth of Electrical Systems And Grid Interactions:

Forsmark NPP
In July 2006 a single phase switchyard fault with an attempted main generator runback to house load caused a voltage surge transient through unit auxiliary transformers which disabled 2 of 4 safety electrical battery charger/inverter units and consequently 2 of four electrical divisions. As part of the international response to the event, Dr. Bickel was contracted in 2008 by the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI) and later the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSM) to lead an international project to review the root causes of the event and make recommendations on how to protect nuclear power plants from similar events. He currently chairs the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency’s working group on Defense in Depth of Electrical Systems “DIDELSYS”.

Development of an International Standard Format and Content for Nuclear Power Plant Safety Analysis Reports:

Headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna, Austria
International efforts have been underway for more than a decade to strengthen the safety review methods for existing and new nuclear power plants in IAEA member states. One of the key areas of recent attention is to standardize the content and level of depth of safety assessments. One of the ways this is done is to identify the format and content of safety analysis reports. Regulatory authorities in smaller IAEA member countries can then utilize the accumulated technical experience of larger member states in quickly establishing comprehensive requirements for nuclear power plant safety analyses.

Dr. Bickel was contracted by the IAEA to revise IAEA Safety Guide GS-G-4.1 "Format and Content of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants".

Development of an International Standard Format and Content for Nuclear Power Plant Safety Analysis Reports:

Dr. Bickel in cooperation with Global Energy Consultants, LLC assisted the Swedish State Power Board (Vattenfall AB) in evaluating the current safety and licensing approaches being taken throughout other western European countries with regard to generic nuclear safety issues, back-fitting programs, digital I&C upgrades, power up-rating. The effort completed in June of 2006 resulted in a country by country comparison of how issues such as: fire protection, flooding protection, management of aging, security, ECCS sump plugging were being addressed at plants of comparable size and age to Ringhals-2.

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